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Brown Design Studio has put together a collection of single family house plans that our Studio has produced over the last 16 years. These plans are the result of our Studio working to create great traditional neighborhoods and place making.

Our plans are focused on fitting into a traditional neighborhood concept, whether a new urbanist development, or historic / urban infill. The exteriors are traditional based designs using traditional proportions and detailing. Most of the plans are designed to fit on more narrow alley fed lots with parking in the rear. These can be used on larger lots and they often will rotate on a larger lot or form more of a compound arrangement.

The core design intent of these plans are to bring great timeless proportion and scale to the home. This proportion is evident in the pleasing exterior elevations but also in the scale of the interior rooms, something most plans miss. While each plan is unique, most do focus on a more modern open floor plan that is flexible. We also strive for flexibility in offering spaces that can be converted or used in different ways. A flex room that might be used as guest room or study or even a dinning room is a great example. Many of these plans do either offer floor plan options or can be easily modified.

The traditional nature of our practice of architecture means that these plans, and particularly the exterior design, will reflect the climate and location that they were originally designed for. Most of the elevations shown reflect a more southern or south east vernacular style. Many of the plans have alternate elevations available, brick verse a lap siding for example. If you like a floor plan but the elevations seems off for your area, please check with us about design options for that plan. We’ve built these all over the US and can adapt many of the plans to many areas of the country.

The interiors are a such a large part of the enjoyment and experience of a home. We have also designed a specific interior package for each of these plans that may be added to the base set of plans. This allows us to fully integrate the traditional design theme fully in the home and helps us to take the interior rooms to a next level. The typical set of interior plans add all the interior trim and millwork details, ceiling details and helps to set up for an easy set of selections to finish off the home.

Our Studio enjoys producing great traditional design work and we are pleased to offer this collection of plans. We also offer limited custom design residential work in most areas of the country and do consulting and product development work with a wide range of builders/developers, from small single home builders to full production builders.

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