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Well designed circulation for both vehicular and pedestrian activity is a key component to good urbanism. A friendly and safe environment for scooters, bikes, and pedestrians is equally important if not more so than a well-planned connection for cars. At the block level, a great network of connections should contribute to the experience of place as well.


Analyze block and masterplan to understand fine grained circulation patterns.

Access to parking and service areas should be well thought through.

Review and understand FHA and ADA requirements.

Understand any specialized use requirements such as retail.


Create pleasant pedestrian experience through use of mid-block passages – transect dependent.

Integrate alley closer design techniques.

Internalize parking/service or shield with elements.

Review life- safety requirements.

Contribute specific comments for final street design and calibration including alleys.

Block sizes should be between 1200-3000’ depending on transect (perimeter measurement).

Connectivity Application


The spatial definition of the street is of utmost importance to the comfort and well-being of the pedestrian. A sense of enclosure must be maintained through a variety of techniques to create some separation between the automobile and the pedestrian. The image above demonstrates this nicely by creating a balance between on-street parking, light posts, and tree wells.



It is important to design small spaces which add value to the pedestrian environment. This can be through something as small as just a well-placed bench under a shaded tree. This not only makes the user comfortable but it shows a certain level of respect given to the pedestrian realm. The image above illustrates this well by pulling the building back from the sidewalk edge creating a small public amenity for passers-by.



Pedestrian passage ways are a great way to promote activity and circulation throughout a block and neighborhood. A well-designed network of passages creates a unique experience for the pedestrian and a separation from the automobile realm. This separation adds to the comfort and safety of the user and adds value in many ways to the whole block. This image conveys a sense of intrigue and discovery for the user and shows how the character of the pedestrian passage differs significantly from that of the automobile realm.

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