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Brown Design has significant experience at most levels of urban design and planning work, from  regional and district level planning to block infill strategies.  We follow the Charter for the New Urbanism design principals designing contextual walkable places that people truly enjoy being in.  One of our strengths is that we also design and understand the architecture that provides the building blocks for any neighborhood, this allows us to craft realistic market driven solutions to problems verse theoretical planning solutions.  

Our clients range from public sector governments to small scale developers and everything in between.  Typical public projects include working on Smart Code or Form Based Codes (FBC) for neighborhoods or developing community based master plans or infill strategies.  

Private sector projects are more focused on master planning, product planning and Town Center retail strategies.  We are typically able to help build private sector value in the planning process by understanding the value of the public realm and walkable neighborhoods on the real estate market.  Additionally, we are able to help with detailed implementation strategies, including architectural design to bring a project from the design stage to construction.