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Habersham Mansion Flats

Beaufort, South Carolina

The Mansion Flats at Habersham Village area  great example of the typical “Mansion Apartment” building. These prototypical buildings typically house 2-6 units while having the form, scale and feel of a large home. These units provide a new housing type/product while remaining compatible with any single-family neighborhood. They also work very well as urban infill units.Habersham Village is an award-winning traditional neighborhood in Beaufort, South Carolina. These mansion flats at Habersham are a higher-end luxury unit designed to fit in at the top of the multi-family product line. These are large flats of 2,250 sq ft with formal spaces and interiors. 12’ and 14’ ceilings highlight the great interiors. Each unit has an elevator or lift access and each unit has “age in place” features.

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